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New Age Banker

After opening of the Indian economy and more particularly with sweeping reforms in financial sector, Indian Banking has changed a lot in tune with global standards. Now, apart from core functions of deposits and lending banks are offering many other third party products such as mutual funds, insurance. All most all the private sector banks and some public sector banks such as SBI are offering wealth management services also to their clients.

For offering third party products through it branches, banks need to have staff who possess mandatory qualifications/training in mutual funds and insurance. For wealth management also it is desirable for a candidate to pass the mandatory examinations prescribed by SEBI(Securities and Exchange Board of India).

This course is aimed at training the candidates to be eligible for recruitment in banks and after completing this course a candidate can be regarded as expert in general banking and having requisite mandatory certifications for third party products and wealth management activities. This course provides good employment opportunities in Banking sector and also gives a chance to pursue independent career in financial planning and wealth management.

This is a structured course covering the following certifications:

1) DBF (Diploma in Banking & Finance)
2) Investment Adviser Level-01
3) Investment Adviser Level-02
4) NISM Series VA, Mutual Fund Distributors Examination

As per NISM Notification, An associated person shall be required to pass both the levels (i.e. NISM-Series-X-A: Investment Adviser (Level 1) Certification Examination and NISM-Series-X-B: Investment Adviser (Level 2) Certification Examination) to fulfill the requirements under Regulation 7(2) of the SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013.

The certification aims to enhance the quality of investment advisory and related services in the financial services industry.

On successful completion of the examination, the candidate should:

  • Know the basics of investment advisory, steps in the advisory process, making and implementation of financial plan.
  • Understand how to evaluate different products, their suitability and how the recommendation of the same can impact investment risks, returns and strategies in a personal finance environment for investors and prospective investors in the market.
  • Get oriented to the Income tax, Wealth tax and legalities of Estate planning in personal finance, and regulatory aspects underlying advisory.
  • Get acquainted with financial planning as an approach to investing, insurance, retirement planning and an aid for advisers to develop long term relationships with their clients.
  • The details of the examinations are:

    ParticularsNISM Series X-A, Investment Advisor Level-01 ExaminationNISM Series X-B, Investment Advisor Level-02 Examination
    Exam.TypeObjective Multiple-Choice Online Examination Objective Multiple-Choice Online Examination
    Number of ExaminationsOneOne
    Maximum Marks100100
    Minimum Pass Mark6060
    Negative MarksYesYes
    Certificate Validity3 Years3 Years.

    Note: Finance and Investment Field is one of the most dynamic fields and hence the concerned persons should have update knowledge. Due to this, the certification validity is kept at 3 years and after three years, a candidate can appear again for the examinations or can under go one day Continuous Professional Training conducted by NISM identified institutes which provides fresh validity of three years.

    The exam is known as NISM-V-A Mutual Fund Distributors Certification examination. This is also online examination in MCQ type for 100 marks with no negative marking. This certificate is also valid for three years and the renewal process is same as above. This is also a mandatory certification for all those people who work in mutual funds, mutual fund advisors and for all those staff members in banks and other financial institutions who deal in mutual funds.

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  • Highly experienced in house and guest faculty
  • Concise study material and question bank
  • 4 Month's course duration