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Finpro is a purely fee based Financial Planning and Wealth Advisory firm. As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERDescription: C:\Users\Jagan Mohan\Pictures\CFP_logo.jpg (CFPDescription: C:\Users\Jagan Mohan\Pictures\CFP_logo.jpg) Professionals, we strictly adhere to Code of Conduct as set out by FPSB India. Our only source of income is the fee we charge for our services. We do not sell insurance or any other financial products. Since we are not associated with any product, We provide unbiased advice to our clients as per their needs in the area of Financial Planning and Wealth Management.

Choose The Right Financial Planner
Choosing a financial planner is a decision that should not be taken lightly as it will almost certainly affect your financial future.

It is important to ask a series of questions to ensure you find the most competent, trustworthy and qualified professional.

Think of interviewing a potential planner is similar to interviewing a person who is applying for a job you've posted. In a way, they are – they want to be your personal money manager!

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