Chartered Wealth Manager

CHARTERED WEALTH MANAGER® is a truly global qualification in Wealth Management which provides excellent career opportunities in Financial Services Industry.

Chartered Wealth Manager® CWM® is a mark of excellence granted to individuals who meet stringent standards set by American Academy of Financial Management. It is the most prestigious and internationally accepted Wealth Management Certification recognized and respected by Global Financial Community and it is the highest level of Designation in the field of Wealth Management Worldwide.

CWM® Certification is awarded by AAFM (American Academy of Financial Management) USA which is International Board of Standards and Financial Professional Organisation.

AAFM India is a Professional Standards Setting body established by AAFM USA to set standards in Wealth Management and other financial domains. Chartered Wealth Manager Certification is one of the Certifications offered in India by AAFM India. AAFM, USA works with more than 800 Business Schools Worldwide and CWM® members are present in 151+ Countries and the Certification is recognized by Top Companies around the world.

CWM® certification is one of the mandated qualifications for Financial Planners and Wealth Advisors as per SEBI Investment Advisors Regulation Act,2013.

The other details are:

  • Any candidate who completed +2 or equivalent examination can register and appear for the examination, but the Certificate will be awarded only after completion of the graduation.
  • The course is best suitable for:

  • Existing working professionals and relationship managers in Banks, Mutual Fund and Insurance Companies, Wealth Management Companies, Distribution houses.
  • Students pursuing or completed B.Com, B.B.A, B.B.M, M.Com, M.B.A, C.A, ICWA etc.,
  • Self-employed individuals such as Independent Financial Advisors, Mutual Fund and Insurance Distributors.
  • The Examination Structure:

    To be certified as Chartered Wealth Manager®, one should qualify in Level-01 and Level-02 examinations conducted by AAFM India and after that has to complete the project work as prescribed by AAFM India. This route is known as Compulsory Pathway and is for fresh graduates or post graduates who are not having any experience in financial services industry.

    Those candidates who are having minimum of 3 years’ experience in financial services industry can directly appear for Level-02 examination under Experience Pathway.

    Level-01 Examination:

    The examination will be of two hours’ duration and consists of 100 Multiple Choice Questions which are to be answered in allotted time of 2 hours. The pass mark is 50% and there will be no negative markings.

    Module No.Module NameMaximum Marks for the module
    01.Overview of Indian & Global Financial System5
    02.Concepts of Wealth Management15
    03.Life Cycle Management10
    04.Measuring Investment Returns in Wealth Management.15
    05.Investment Vehicles of Wealth Management10
    06.Indian Tax Laws15
    07.Managing Investment Risks in Wealth Management10
    08.Legalities in Wealth Management5
    09.Role of Wealth Management in Banking5
    10.Inter-generational Wealth Transfer and Tax Planning.10

    Level-02 Examination:

    After completing the Level-01 examination, a candidate will be eligible to appear for Level-02 examination which will be of 3 hours’ duration and the examination will be for 160 marks with 50% being the minimum pass percentage. There will be no negative marking and the subjects are as below:

    Module No.Module NameMaximum Marks for the module
    01.Equity Analysis19
    02.Use of Alternate Products in Wealth Management.18
    03.Use of Behavioral Finance in Wealth Management.12
    04.Real Estate Valuation and Analysis7
    05.Loan and Debt Management6
    06.Portfolio Management Services13
    07.Relationship Management by a Wealth Manager13
    08.International Taxation and Trust Planning14
    09.Wealth Management Planning8
    10.Advanced Wealth Management.20
    Level -01 Units30

    Project Work:

    Project work will be in two stages. Immediately after registration, a candidate should submit the first level of project before appearing for Level-01 examination and in some cases before appearing for Level-02 examination. After passing the Level-02 examination a candidate has to submit the final project i.e. Preparing a Comprehensive Wealth Plan and the certificate will be issued after approval of the project.

    The hall mark of this Certifications is its truly global character. The certificate will be issued by AAFM, USA and is valid throughout globally. If a candidate passing the examination in India wants to pursue his/her career abroad then he/she need not qualify in any specific examination in that country and this certificate is equally valid in all the countries.


  • Highly competitive fee structure
  • Training by Well qualified and practicing wealth management professionals
  • Best study material and question bank
  • Practical oriented training.
  • Course duration 4 months.