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Finpro is a purely fee based Financial Planning and Wealth Advisory firm. As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP) Professionals, we strictly adhere to Code of Conduct as set out by FPSB India. Our only source of income is the fee we charge for our services. We do not sell insurance or any other financial products. Since we are not associated with any product, We provide unbiased advice to our clients as per their needs in the area of Financial Planning and Wealth Management.
About Us

The people at Finpro are true Professionals and we accept responsibility for our work and actions but also we understand how our work and actions will translate the rest of the society. We embrace the traditional meaning of the word "Professional" and take a personal oath,promising we will do our best; we will bring our knowledge, skills and attitude to make a difference to others and to regulate ourselves.We achieve great satisfaction by giving back more to society than what we are receiving.

Our Values

Being true professionals,we always strive hard to maintain highest professional standards in all our dealings. We strictly adhere to the following Professional Code of Conduct as set out by Financial Planning Standards Board India for Financial Planning Professionals. Our codes of ethics are:

Client First
Client's financial wellbeing is our only priority and we always strive to maintain the same.

We deal with honesty and candor in all our Professional interactions with our clients.

We provide our services honestly and impartially with sound professional judgement.

We will be fair and reasonable in all our professional relationships and we disclose in advance and manage any material conflict of interest.

We always act in a manner that demonstrates exemplary professional conduct and we always try to maintain and enhance profession's public image and its ability to serve the public interest.

We always try to maintain the abilities, skills and knowledge necessary to provide professional services competently.

We always protect the confidentiality of all client information.

We always try to fulfilling our professional commitments in a timely and thorough manner, and taking due care in planning, supervising and delivering professional services.

Our Vision

To become the most trusted Financial Planning and Wealth Advisory firm wherever we present.

Our Mission

To help our clients achieve financial freedom and to have a happy and tension free financial life.

Jagan Mohan Rao Ganti
B.Sc., CAIIB, CFPDescription: C:\Users\Jagan Mohan\Pictures\CFP_logo.jpg
NCCM Level"5" Professional

Finpro is founded by Jagan Mohan Rao Ganti who is having 30+years of experience in financial services industry. He is the Chief Executive Planner and Chief Trainer in the firm. Apart from being highly successful ex-senior banker, he is one of the highly qualified professionals in Personal Financial Planning and Wealth Advisory services. He is expert in all the areas of Personal Financial Planning and Wealth Advisory Services. He specialises in financial planning for Entrepreneurs, MSMEs and small businessmen, Professionals and NRI's as their dimension of financial planning is much wider and complex. He is also a Licentiate of Insurance Institute of India.

Jagan Mohan Rao Ganti is a CFPDescription: C:\Users\Jagan Mohan\Pictures\CFP_logo.jpg (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM) and NCCM Level"5" Professional and havingthe certifications in the following areas awarded by NSE.

http://www.kickstartwebsite.com/finpro2/image/arrow.png Financial Markets
http://www.kickstartwebsite.com/finpro2/image/arrow.png Mutual Funds (Advisors)
http://www.kickstartwebsite.com/finpro2/image/arrow.png Mutual Funds (Advanced)
http://www.kickstartwebsite.com/finpro2/image/arrow.png Equity Derivatives
http://www.kickstartwebsite.com/finpro2/image/arrow.png Currency Derivatives
http://www.kickstartwebsite.com/finpro2/image/arrow.png Securities Markets
http://www.kickstartwebsite.com/finpro2/image/arrow.png Capital Markets (Dealer)
http://www.kickstartwebsite.com/finpro2/image/arrow.png Derivatives Markets (Dealer)
http://www.kickstartwebsite.com/finpro2/image/arrow.png Depository Operations
http://www.kickstartwebsite.com/finpro2/image/arrow.png Commodities Markets
http://www.kickstartwebsite.com/finpro2/image/arrow.png Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
http://www.kickstartwebsite.com/finpro2/image/arrow.png Options Trading Strategies
http://www.kickstartwebsite.com/finpro2/image/arrow.png Fundamental Analysis& Equity Research. 

He is also a Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance.

He is supported by a team of professionals who are having good domain knowledge and are passionate for Financial Planning Profession.
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